Drug Discovery and Development Unit


The department of Drug Discovery and Development Unit (DDDU), is established on the year 2021, this department has a unique place in the development and discovery of drugs and other related research. This department is a part of National Institute of Ayurveda, NIA, Jaipur. Drug discovery and development unit (DDDU) is a CPCSEA registered unit to conduct various scientific researches on animals, animal tissue and pathogens to meet the requirements of advanced pharmacology research on Ayurvedic medicines for development of new formulations and generate scientific evidence of safety and efficacy of ayurvedic medicines.

The Registration number of thus animal house facility is 2128/GO/ReRc/S/21/CPCSEA and the registration is valid up to five years from the date of issue of the letter. This animal facility is intended to assure qualities maintenance and safety of animal used in studies while conducting different researches. The most commonly used animals are Rat, Rabbit, Guinea pig etc. At present, the department provides an integration approach towards education and various research and development of the institute.